Show Off Your Feet This Spring

Spring is here!  Beautiful blooms, longer days and a little more sunshine!  It’s the season where we put away our winter boots and start braving the strappy sandals and peep-toe shoes!  So naturally we want to ensure our feet are in fine form and looking fabulous… but if you’re like thousands of Australians who suffer from toe nail fungus this isn’t always easy.

Which is just one reason we are delighted with our new laser treatment – that will get your feet ready for Spring Carnival!

Our new Clear Toe Treatment is a laser treatment that effectively kills toe nail fungus in a quick and painless process.  We’ve found it to be highly effective in patients who have not had any success with other fungal therapies.

It takes just 20 minutes to treat 10 toes and all you feel is a gentle warming sensation on your feet.

If this sounds like a treatment that will allow you to have beautiful toes (and beat toe-nail fungus) then read more here or get in touch with us at Melbourne CLMC. It’s effective, non toxic, quick and painless.

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