At the Cosmetic and Laser Medical Centre some of our most popular skin treatments are performed with the FRAXEL DUAL laser system. The FRAXEL is what is called a fractional laser and the technology represents significant advantages compared to earlier ablative lasers notably reduced downtime and  side effects but still great results.

How do fractional lasers work?

The FRAXEL laser uses patented fractional technology which delivers micro pulses of laser to target cones of skin tissue whilst leaving the surrounding tissue between the cones unaffected. The FRAXEL laser treats a fraction of tissue at a time and by making multiple passes still achieves very effective treatment results but allows rapid healing after treatment. The cones of laser light (called Micro Thermal Zones) target damaged skin cells and stimulate the body’s natural healing process to replace the old and damaged cells with new healthy skin cells.

Why the FRAXEL DUAL laser?

The FRAXEL DUAL Laser has the unique advantage of two treatment modes. The 1550 mode, which penetrates deep into the skin and can target concerns such as acne scarring and wrinkles; and the 1927 mode, which can target the surface layers of the skin and remove pigment and the superficial signs of aging. The FRAXEL DUAL can be used as a combination treatment to treat both superficial and deep layers of the skin in the same treatment session.

What can the FRAXEL DUAL treat?

The FRAXEL DUAL is the treatment of choice for acne scarring but can also significantly reduce surgical scars and certain stretchmarks. Skin rejuvenation is popular for smoother, fresher looking skin with improved skin tone and texture. Fine lines and wrinkles as well as the signs of sun damage and aging can be improved. Unwanted skin pigmentation and precancerous skin damage (solar keratosis) can also be treated.

What areas of the body can be treated?

The FRAXEL DUAL can be used to treat not only the face but also neck, chest, arms, hands, legs and back.

How long does a treatment take?

The procedure is performed in our clinic rooms and treatment time will vary with the area being treated. For facial areas topical anaesthetic is usually recommended and this is applied in our rooms for 60 minutes before the treatment. The laser treatment can take 15-30 minutes so most patients need to allow about 90 minutes for a FRAXEL DUAL session.

What happens after treatment?

The type of reaction depends on the level of treatment and your skin type but some redness and swelling after the FRAXEL DUAL is expected. When pigment is being treated it is usual to have a sunburned, bronzed appearance for several days. There can be some flaking and exfoliation after FRAXEL before smoother and fresher looking skin is seen.

Is FRAXEL safe?

FRAXEL was the first fractional laser developed and was FDA approved in 2004. The FRAXEL DUAL model was released in 2010. More than 3000 doctors worldwide have treated over 100,000 patients with the FRAXEL laser and clinical studies have consistently reported safe and proven results. Side effects are significantly lower than with non-fractional ablative lasers. However the FRAXEL is an advanced medical grade laser and for safe and effective results FRAXEL treatments should only be performed in a medical clinic setting under medical supervision.

When do results appear?

Some improvement can be seen soon after a FRAXEL treatment, especially when the surface layers of the skin are being targeted as in rejuvenation treatments. Deeper problems such as acne scarring can take several months to achieve optimal results, as new collagen needs to be progressively built up. Results after FRAXEL laser treatment are long lasting but can vary with factors such as your lifestyle, skin condition, age and use of skincare.

How many treatments will be needed?

The number of FRAXEL treatments necessary varies with the problem being treated and the desired level of improvement. For skin rejuvenation 2 or 3 treatments may be required spaced 4-8 weeks apart. For acne scarring 5-6 treatments may be needed with results being progressive as new layers of collagen are laid down. Some patients with sun damaged or aging skin find scheduling a yearly maintenance FRAXEL treatment maintains their skin in the best condition possible.

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