Double Chin Removal

Having a Double chin is a very common concern to many men and women. Some studies suggest that over 50% of adults are unhappy with excess fat under their chin. Whilst Double Chins occur when people put on weight, there are also genetic factors involved with the tendency to a Double Chin running in families. Double Chins also develop and worsen as people get older because of increasing skin laxity with ageing.

Double chin removal in men

Do men worry about having a double chin?

The answer is a definite YES. Having a strong firm jawline is commonly regarded as a desirable feature in men and gives a more youthful appearance. Many people feel facial shape is the main determinant of facial beauty especially in men and having a double chin blunts the definition of the jawline and alters facial shape.
Studies have found that over a third of men are unhappy with having excess fat under their chin. It is not uncommon for menwith double chins to avoid photos or position themselves in group photos behind someone else. If taking selfies a common trick is to take the photo from a high position to minimise the appearance of their double chin. Some menspecifically grow a beard to define their jawline and cover up their double chin.
Importantly after men have had double chin removal, follow up studies find the men have improved self-esteem and describe themselves as happier, less embarrassed, younger looking and appearing less overweight.

What are the treatment options for double chins?

The traditional treatment for Double chins in men has been to wait until it was severe enough and then to surgically remove the fat by either liposuction or by surgical excision. Various machines have been tried as an alternative to surgery with fairly unpredictable results. The most effective device has been the use of fat freezing in a process called cryolipolysis. Improvements of the order of 20% in a treatment cycle have been achieved.
The latest treatment is the use of injections with a natural bile acid called deoxycholic acid. This is an exciting development as it is a walk in walk out procedure that requires no anaesthetic and has proven and safe results. The process permanently destroys fat cells and patients followed up after 5 years have very high satisfaction with long lasting results and no permanent side effects being reported. The treatment was approved in the USA under the name KYBELLA in 2015 and was approved in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in February 2017.

Cann all men have double chin injections?

No. Whilst most men with Double chins can have the new injection treatment the effectiveness has not been proven in men under 18 or over 65 years of age. The skin needs to be healthy without any active skin disease. Care needs to be taken if someone has had past neck surgery, suffers from Thyroid disease or has swallowing difficulties. For men with very large double chins it needs to be assessed whether surgery may be a more appropriate choice than double chin injections.

How is double chin injection treatment done?

The procedure is a very straightforward walk in walk out procedure performed in our rooms. The only preparation required is to be clean shaven under the chin on the morning of treatment and we also recommend an anti-inflammatory tablet on the morning of treatment.
The treatment involves using a pencil to mark the area to be treated, placing a special grid on the skin to allow for accuracy, applying ice and then a series of 20-30 very fine injections. The treatment takes about 30 minutes from walking in to leaving. At least 2 treatments are needed spaced about 6 weeks apart.

How much downtime is there after an injection?

It is preferable to not return to work on the day of treatment and to not plan important social events in the first 48 hours after treatment. Swelling is the main thing that is noticed after double injection treatments and it is usually the worst in the first 12-24 hours. Some bruising can also occur. Normal activity can be resumed after treatment and there is usually minimal discomfort. We do suggest that men do not undertake very strenuous exercise in the first 48 hours after treatment as this can contribute to increased swelling and bruising. Typically there is the most reaction after the first treatment and less with subsequent treatments.

What is the cost of double chin injection treatment?

The total number of treatments and hence cost varies with the severity of the Double chin and the level of improvement desired. A minimum of two treatments are required and 3-4 treatments is not unusual for more severe double chins. The cost for the first 2 treatments is $2600 (inc gst) and subsequent treatments are $1000 (inc gst) per treatment. The outlay for Double chin injections needs to be considered over the many years of benefit and unlike wrinkle injections and dermal fillers once completed it is not a procedure that needs to be repeated.

Do double chins come back after treatment?

The majority of fat under the chin occurs superficially at the front of the neck muscles (preplatysmal fat ) and it is this fat that is removed by injection treatment. We know that these fat cells are permanently destroyed with injection treatment, a process called adipocytosis. This permanent destruction of fat cells is why such great results can be obtained and 5 year follow up studies demonstrate sustained longterm results and high patient satisfaction after double chin injection treatment.
However it does need to be remembered there issome deeper fat behind the neck muscles (postplatysmal fat) and this deep fat is notremoved by double chin injections. Hence, if patients gain a lot of weight in the future after treatment, this fat compartment can potentially enlarge and increase the fullness under the chin.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can Double Chins be Treated?

There are basically 3 different methods of treating Double Chins(1) SURGERY: Surgery has been used for many years for Double Chins. The two main surgical procedures are Liposuction where the fat is sucked out through a small incision, and Direct Excision where the fat is cut out through a large incision called a Z-Plasty. These surgical procedures require anaesthetic and usually hospitalisation. Cost, downtime and surgical scars are the usual considerations.(2) MACHINES: Many devices have been tried over the years with varying success. Radiofrequency machines, which aim to heat up the fat cells to destroy them, produces unpredictable results and improvements are mild to moderate at best. Cryolipolysis, where the fat cells are frozen, achieves much better and more predictable results and in a treatment cycle 20% reductions can typically be achieved.(3) INJECTIONS: Injections to remove fat have been around for many years, however, it is only recently that a special fat dissolving product has become available that has been specifically approved for the minimisation and removal of Double Chins. This product is based on the naturally occurring bile acid. A series of 2-4 sessions gives progressive improvement with minimal downtime. Sessions are spaced about 6 weeks apart

How well do Double Chin Injections work?

Studies show that when purified bile acid is injected into the fat under the chin it breaks down the fat cells (a process called Adipocytolysis). This destruction of these unwanted fat cells is permanent. Studies that have followed up patients 5 years after a course of Double Chin injections show the results are maintained in the long term which is to be expected as fat cells are being permanently destroyed.Importantly patient satisfaction with Double Chin injections is high. The successful treatment of Double Chins is reported to significantly improve a person’s self-esteem and people rate themselves as less self-conscious, looking happier, less overweight and appearing younger after.

Are Double Chin Injections Safe?

The FDA in the United States approved the use of Double Chin Injections in 2015. The same product was approved for use in Canada in 2016 and in Europe at the start of 2017. In Australia the use of Double Chin injections was approved by the Federal Government in February 2017.It has been refined by the development of a special grid that allows for safe positioning of injections which can be customised to suit different severities of Double Chins. The product used is approved and registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and follow up studies after 5 years have shown no permanent side effects. Treatments are performed by highly trained and qualified medical practitioners in a medical clinic environment as a walk in walk out procedure.

What Are The Main Advantages of Double Chin Injections?

The main advantages that make Double Chin injections such an exciting option for many people with this common problem are that:- Simple ( No surgery, minimal downtime, no bandages)
- Safe ( Tested and approved with follow up data at 5 years)
- Effective ( Proven long term results and high patient satisfaction)
- Gradual Change ( Gradual and natural change rather than dramatic)

What is The Cost of Double Chin Injections?

The number of sessions required is variable and this impacts on the total cost. All patients need at least 2 sessions or the procedure is not worthwhile. The total cost for the first two is $2600 (inc GST)The need for more than 2 depends on the severity of the Double Chin in the first place and the level of improvement required. Most patients with moderate to severe Double Chins have 3-4 sessions. After the initial two the cost is $1000/session (inc GST). Hence the total cost for a series of 4 is $4600 (inc GST). Any cost needs to be considered as a long term investment to get many years of benefit and unlike other cosmetic injections such as wrinkle injections and dermal fillers it does not need to be constantly repeated.Medicare provides no rebate for Double Chin injections, Private Health Insurance funds do not cover the procedure and the Government applies GST of 10% on the procedure.

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