PicoSure Tattoo Removal

The Cosmetic & Laser Medical Centre is excited to announce the introduction of PICOSURE laser treatments for tattoo removal.Using brand new, cutting-edge laser removal technology, PICOSURE treatments significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of tattoo removal.

If you’re experiencing the dreaded tattoo regret, or you simply want to remove inappropriate tattoos in visible areas – perhaps its unsuitable for a new job – PICOSURE is the quickest and most effective method for removing tattoos of all shapes, sizes and colours, extending beyond the capabilities of traditional laser tattoo removal techniques.

As the world’s first picosecond tattoo removal laser treatment, PICOSURE targets unwanted tattoos more effectively than ever; requiring much fewer treatments with less pain.  Picosecond technology successfully removes dark, difficult ink colours, such as blues and greens, as well as previously treated tattoos where traditional methods have proved ineffective.

Why Picosecond is superior to Nanosecond technology

PICOSURE’s picosecond laser technology is more effective than traditional nanosecond technology, used currently for tattoo removal in the so called Q Switch generation of nanosecond lasers.  Nanosecond laser technology relies predominantly on what is called photothermal action, which removes the ink by the laser light heating the pigment and surrounding tissue.

PICOSURE’s picosecond technology instead uses a pressure wave effect created by the ultrashort duration of the laser pulse, which is called a photomechanical effect.  The pressure wave of the PICOSURE fragments the targeted ink into large numbers of tiny particles like dust.  The body’s natural cleaning processes then act to eliminate the tiny fragments of ink.  The ultra-short pulse durations of the PICOSURE are, 100 times shorter than the nanosecond technology found in Q Switch lasers.  Using these ultra-short pulse durations PICOSURE is able to trigger a photomechanical effect in the pigment, allowing for greater disruption and clearance of the targeted ink.

Because the PICOSURE doesn’t rely on the laser heating up the ink particles, much lower powers can be used, typically half the power (fluence) is required compared to Qswitch nanosecond lasers.  This has the dual advantage of being much less painful than Qswitch lasers and also reduces the heat reaction in surrounding skin and hence a significantly reduced risk of pigmentation change and scarring.

The PICOSURE is a very expensive laser, considerably higher than anything else on the market to date.  For that reason the PICOSURE will only be available in very few medical laser clinics.  Whilst the cost per treatment is as a consequence higher than older tattoo removal lasers the much fewer treatments makes it very cost effective for patients.  Tattoos that may have taken 10-20 treatments with Q Swith lasers can now be cleared in 3 or 4 PICOSURE treatments.
To learn more about the benefits of our treatments visit our PICOSURE laser tattoo removal page or book an appointment by contacting one of our staff today.

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