Laura Perri

BDermSci (Victoria Uni)

Laura Perri has been a Dermal Clinician at The Cosmetic & Laser Medical Centre since 2010. Laura has extensive experience in the treatment of many skin conditions and has successfully completed the Dermal Science degree at Victoria University. Laura specialises in the application of laser and light therapies and she is committed to providing her patients with thorough skin analysis and experienced advice to best understand their skin types and conditions. Laura feels it is essential to provide realistic expectations on the results that can be achieved through skin and laser treatments. Laura is experienced in a wide variety of skin conditions in particular acne, pigmentation and sundamaged skin and has extensive knowledge on cosmeceuticals and medical based skin care programs. She has a special interest in the latest procedures in skin rejuvenation such as Picotoning, BBL and Skin Needling (both PRP and Radiofrequency).

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