Lasers And Equipment

At Cosmetic and Laser Medical Centre we strive to provide our patients with the latest proven advances in nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. Since 1986 when we started with the revolutionary Copper Vapour laser, for the treatment of Port Wine Stain birthmarks, we have continued to research, test, upgrade and expand our equipment and treatment capabilities.

For example, in 1998 we were the first clinic in Australia to introduce the Candela GENTLELASE Alexandrite hair removal laser system. This laser system still remains the gold standard for medical grade laser hair removal and the one all other hair removal laser and IPL systems compare themselves to. We have upgraded to the subsequent newer generations of GENTLELASE systems with the MINI GL, GMAX and most recently the GPRO series of laser hair removal systems to provide the latest and most effective hair removal option for our patients.

In the treatment of vascular disorders such as Rosacea, Broken Capillaries, Port Wine Stains, Poikiloderma, Facial veins etc we use various vascular lasers including the Candela V-BEAM, the Cutera EXCEL-V and the Iridex VARILITE.
With the treatment of pigment problems, such as sun damage and hormonal melasma, a number of different laser options are essential as no one treatment suits all patients. For spot treatment we might use a millisecond 532 laser or a Q-Switch 532 laser or a Q-Switch 695 Ruby laser. For diffuse pigment for the best results we may need to use a 1927 Thullium laser or a 755 picosecond laser or a Q-Switch 1064 laser.

In regards to tattoo removal we used the market leading MEDLITE Q-Switch laser tattoo removal system for many years before then upgrading to their later REVLITE technology. In addition we added the SINON Q-Switch/Ruby laser to achieve better results with more difficult to remove tattoo colours. When the revolutionary picosecond technology of the PICOSURE laser was released in Australia in December 2013 we were one of the first two medical laser clinics in Melbourne to also provide this treatment option to our patients.

We use the FRAXEL laser to treat acne scarring, sun damage and for photo rejuvenation. The FRAXEL was the original fractional resurfacing laser which allowed for improved results without the side effects and downtime of previous ablative resurfacing lasers. We upgraded to their later FRAXEL DUAL system which achieves improved results by combining a superficial targeting laser (1927 wavelength) with a deeper penetrating laser (1550 wavelength).

We continue to introduce new treatment options and one of the latest directions is the use of Radiofrequency as an alternative to Laser as a treatment method. We have used Radiofrequency energy as a heat source in the treatment of large Varicose Veins for many years, with the VNUS Radiofrequency catheter system, and more recently with the VEINGOGH Radiofrequency system to treat tiny surface spider veins. However in the last 3 years, Radiofrequency devices have started to be used for the treatment of skin rejuvenation and scarring. The INFINI device uses Radiofrequency energy to heat and stimulate new collagen formation through a fractional micro needling technique that is showing great results in scarring, stretch marks and for facial rejuvenation and can be used in all skin types.

In assessing new technologies and treatments we analyse the science behind the development and evaluate the research and clinical studies supporting safety and effectiveness. We then typically trial a new technology in our rooms before we buy it to make sure it works. The clinical efficiency of treatments is paramount, as no matter how attractive a machine might look and how well it is promoted and marketed, unless it can safely produce significant results for our patients we are not interested in using it.
The track record of the company that manufactures any equipment we are considering is extremely important to us, as is the reliability of the technology. Regular servicing and maintenance are critical in allowing us to provide our patients with uninterrupted treatment and care.

At the Cosmetic and Laser Medical Centre we have established and built up an extensive range of world class medical grade laser and energy based systems. The flexibility of having multiple systems along with the considerable experience and training of our doctors and laser therapists allows us to personalise treatment programs to suit specific individual needs and requirements. Also having multiple treatment modalities available allows us to have the option of combining different treatments in the same treatment session for improved and quicker results.

It is not only in our range of lasers and light systems we strive to utilise the finest available technology. For skin analysis we use Canfield’s Reveal Imaging System for Digital Skin Imaging. For enhanced visualisation during treatments we use the Syrius V600 Vision Enhancement system and Heine LED loops. When required we also use specialised equipment such as the Heine iC1 Dermatoscope to examine skin lesions and the AccuVein AV400 illuminator to identify veins and reduce the risk of bruising with dermal filler injections.

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