Laser Hair Removal Statistics

Hair removal – no, not the mop on your head – is already an extremely popular procedure among men and women determined to rid themselves of pesky and unflattering follicles that are highly visible or uncomfortable. In fact, hair removal is a common procedure for most parts of your body – outside of the crown of your head where people generally prefer to keep their hair.

Whether you have unwanted hair on your arms, underarms, back, chest, face, legs, or you wish to get a bikini line for summer, hair removal can provide you with results in no time at all.

Below, we’ve outlined some statistics pertaining to hair removal, giving you a greater insight into a procedure that has become a phenomenal success worldwide.

  • Back hair is the most expensive hair removal treatment, followed closely by chest and abdominal hair. The cheapest hair removal procedures were those done on underarms and arms, followed by facial hair. A bikini wax was somewhere in between the two extremes.
  • The number of people who experienced no pain during hair removal procedures is 11%; 48% experienced mild pain; 36% claimed to have experienced moderate pain; while the number who experienced severe pain stands at 6%;
  • The percentage of people who would have more hair removal procedures after their first: 87%; the other 13% would opt not to have any more hair removal procedures;
  • 4: The average number of treatments needed when using laser surgery to remove hair;
  • 60%: The percentage of people aged 18 to 29 who would want to get a laser hair removal procedure;
  • 82%: The percentage of total hair removal procedures that women made up in 2009.

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