What Can A Dermal Clinician Offer?
Our Role is very important for both improving and maintaining skin health.  By utilising the latest treatment techniques
What is a Dermal Clinician?
A Dermal Clinician is a professional who has completed the University degree of a Bachelor of Health Science
Unveil A Wrinkle-Free Face
Many things improve with age, but sadly, your skin isn't one of them. Over the years (and after
Anti-wrinkle injections and fillers.
The face of anti-wrinkle treatment is changing with injectables and fillers growing rapidly in popularity. Read article here. or
Botulinum toxin injections demonstrate anti-depressive effects
New research suggests botulinum toxin type A has anti-depressive qualities along with its well know cosmetic effects. Read more
Expert advice on anti-wrinkle injections
A guide from Dr Joseph Ajaka (Cosmetic Surgeon) on how to best prepare for your first anti wrinkle

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