Change in weather means changes to the skin – Acne and skin congestion.
Change in weather means changes to the skin. Warmer weather can cause an increase of sebum production in
Acne During Pregnancy
Pregnancy acne is not a special form of acne but acne management during pregnancy can be different, as
Reasons why acne treatments have failed to work!
It is very common for patients to become frustrated with acne treatment results.  Often patients feel they have
Why Does Our Skin Need Vitamin B3?
Your skin has its own immune system and becomes depleted as we age.  Because of this depletion, the
Laser Peels
As dermal clinicians we find we get fantastic results with ‘Laser Peel’ treatments. One of the biggest advantages
Treatments for acne scarring

Traditional Acne treatments and prevention:

  • Scars that are exposed to the sun too frequently can lead to darkening of
Acne Scarring – Facts and Statistics
Acne scarring is a very serious concern for people who have experienced the effects of it; sufferers commonly
Laser Acne Therapy – Facts
To give you a better understanding of laser acne therapy using Fraxel technology, we’ve compiled a list of
What is Laser Acne Therapy?
Laser acne therapy is an effective method of addressing the primary causes of acne, using projections of light,

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