My experience having a modified Jessner Peel
One of the benefits of being a dermal clinician is the chance to have and try
Reasons why acne treatments have failed to work!
It is very common for patients to become frustrated with acne treatment results.  Often patients feel
What is a Dermal Clinician?
A Dermal Clinician is a professional who has completed the University degree of a Bachelor of
Treating Enlarged Pores
The appearance of large pores is usually caused by overactive sebaceous glands.  Pores expand to accommodate
Why Does Our Skin Need Vitamin B3?
Your skin has its own immune system and becomes depleted as we age.  Because of this
Exfoliation: Mechanical vs. Chemical
Mechanical exfoliation involves the use of scrubs that clear away dead surface skin cells by using
Laser Peels
As dermal clinicians we find we get fantastic results with ‘Laser Peel’ treatments. One of the
Unveil A Wrinkle-Free Face
Many things improve with age, but sadly, your skin isn't one of them. Over the years
Ultraviolet Radiation
Ultraviolet (UV radiation is part of the light spectrum from the sun. There are 3 types
When your skin is exposed to UV radiation the pigment cells (called melanocytes) in the outer
Fraxel Laser Treatment Benefit More Men
In today’s modern competitive society we are finding more and more men are becoming increasingly interested
Early Scar Treatment with Fraxel Better
A study from Chung-Ung University in South Korea and published in Dermatologic Survey has found early

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