A New Groundbreaking Procedure For Treating Fat Chins
What is a Double Chin?
A Double Chin is the popular term for excess fat under the chin that
Everything you need to know about Wrinkles

What Causes Skin to age and wrinkles to appear?

Skin ageing is the result of 2 main processes.
  • Internal Factors.
Do’s and Don’ts for your skin this Summer
With Summer fast approaching and the pre Christmas party season just about on us it is definitely time
Spring into the Social Season
Spring not only signifies the weather improving after the end of a long and cold winter, but also
What’s the point in using needles?
Everyone has heard about the effectiveness of acupuncture needles in treating medical conditions but now in cosmetic medicine
Are My Red Cheeks Due To Rosacea?
Red cheeks are a very common concern for patients coming to a Medical Laser practice particularly if your
What’s in Tattoo Ink?
The answer is you can’t be 100% certain! Did you know that there are no regulations or controls
What To Do Next When You’ve Tried Everything To Treat Varicose Veins
You have noticed your Varicose Veins slowly getting worse and you don’t want them to get as bad
The Two Most Common Tattoo Removal Questions
When a patient with a Tattoo presents for the first time for a consultation to discuss Tattoo
The Power of Power Peels
At the Cosmetic & Laser Medical Centre our Dermal Clinicians offer advanced skin treatments using the latest technology
5 Easy Tips for Great Skin…Every Season
Autumn is just around the corner and being in Melbourne, you know that one day you’ll be wearing
‘Tis The Season To Consider A Laser Peel?
  Our Dermal Clinicians offer advanced skin treatments using the latest technology. The Laser Peel is one of our signature

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